Monday, February 25, 2008

Streaking...Is it cricket or not?(if you are offended by streaking then don't read this, as I have included photos of streakers in this post/article!)

Many enthusiastic fans of the game of cricket would in some stage of their lives would've witnessed streaking on the cricket by fans of the game that perhaps take their obsession for the game a bit over the top. One of the first incidences of streaking in the game of cricket was in the first World Cup in 1975 when a fella by the name of Michael Angelow (yes the name does sound similar to that nude sculpture) decided to strip down to his birthday suit and bear his nether-regions to the cricketing public. I havn't been able to find out exactly for sure but it was probably fuelled by alcohol, which is probably a key catalyst in helping people perhaps lose their inhibitions and do wild and crazy things, in this case- streaking. There are many views about what part streaking plays in cricket eg some people are dead against it and on the other end of the scale partisians to the game of cricket think its amusing and entertaining. Personally my views on streaking come roughly in the middle. I think that its highly entertaining for the game and in a way provides a highlight ( besides 4s and 6s getting scored ans wickets falling and spectacular catches etc) which will be discussed amongst buddies, but in a sense they also distract the cricketers in the field and cricket is a family game as well-as Reverend Lovejoy's wife on The Simpsons says " will someone please think of the children!", and who knows a streaker could one day carry a couple of stubbies with him/her on the pitch and spill the alcohol on the pitch, and that could turn the results of the game negatively on either team. It would be disastrous if it was the home team.

Nonetheless as an enthusiastic cricket fan I do find it amusing and entertaining to see, I suppose parents of children and people highly offended by streaking could momentarilly cover their eyes and shield themselves from their perceived view of streaking as "disgusting", but then again its controversial because at the end of the day everyone that is at the ground must have one thing in common- they are there to watch the game they love and that streaking aside cricket is indeed a brilliant game.

streaking in cricket5

streaking in cricket4

streaking in cricket3

streaking in cricket2


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