Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Player Profile...Dwayne Leverock (Bermuda)

Player Profile no#2: Dwayne Leverock (Bermuda)

He is a prison van driver from the tiny island nation of Bermuda, he is also an excellent spinner and slips fieldsman for their national cricket side. Yes, he is Dwayne Leverock. Known for that gravity defying catch against India in the 2007 cricket world cup in the West Indies, it is said he is built more like a bouncer at a night-club than a cricketer. His girth and weight of 280lbs perhaps defies logic( referring to the example shown earlier) I wonder what Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton would’ve described this defiance against gravity. His weight has often overshadowed his accuracy and performances on the field. On his nations debut -match in the Intercontinental Cup in the U.S.A he took 7 for 57 in a losing cause and a year later he achieved 11 for 72 against the Cayman Islands. He is regarded highly in the One-day game and he is a reliable fielder especially in the slips, however his batting isn’t as skilful as it could be, he is mostly restricted to taking singles wherever the ball is hit from his bat. For his nations qualification in the 2007 Cricket World Cup he played a key role by taking 4 for 39 and 3 for 34 against the U.S.A in the 2005 I.C.C Trophy. On the pitch he was regarded as a peripheral figure, however off the pitch he acquired cult status, especially when he got that remarkable one-handed diving catch against India and the earthquake-causing run of celebration that followed. This remarkable feat that defied gravity also delighted sports and picture editors from across the world. That feat was one that will live in my memories for a very long time, so English County Selectors here is your man and let him be the second Bermudan to play County Cricket (after Dave Hemp).

Dwayne Leverock

Dwayne Leverock 4

dwayne Leverock 2

Dwayne Leverock 3

Bermuda 2007 cricket world cup Team

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