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In the International Spotlight...Malta Cricket

In the International Spotlight...Malta Cricket:

Maltese people playing cricket

The Malta Cricket Association was set up in 1989 although the first cricket match to be played on the Maltese Islands was between the British Services regiments stationed at the Cottonera and Valletta back in 1878 at the Verdala Palace Ground. By 1903 the game started to spread over to several keen Maltese enthusiasts and several competitions existed. With the setting up of the association it became involved and was a founder member of the European Cricket Federation. In fact Malta is represented in the European Nations Cup which is held biannually with the participation of ten countries.

The Malta Cricket Association has a season long of activities ranging from organizing the national league and a number of friendly matches against foreign opposition and has been trying hard to get the game going in schools over the years. Recently a coaching clinic was re introduced at the Marsa Cricket Club. This is being held on Saturday mornings from 9.30am till 11.30am at the Marsa Sports club. There are four clubs in Malta. Two are based at the Marsa Sports Club, Marsa C.C and Krishna C.C. the other two clubs are Melita C.C and Overseas C.C. All games are played at the Marsa Sports ground being the only ground available. Marsa C.C hosts games played against touring teams mainly from England. All players have a chance to play.

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