Monday, February 4, 2008

Gangster cricket, it for real?

Gangster Cricket... is this for real?

The answer to the question is yes, Gangster cricket is alive and well indeed. Compton ( a suburb/town in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A)is more known for drive by shootings, gang fatalities, however deep in this heartland of ganglands is a unique cricket team, which comprises of ex-latino and African American gangsters.
The Homies and the Popz team was brought together nearly a decade ago by cricket enthusiast and Hollywood film producer Katy Haber and US social activist Ted Hayes. This amazing and unique team was brought about because Ted Hayes believes that the game of cricket teaches etiquette and respect, and that cricket would enhance the members of this cricket team in all aspects of life, and the team serves as an excellent purpose for keeping young generations of men off the street, off illegal drugs and out of criminalised gangs which seem to run rife throughout the Compton area.

The supposedly unlikeliest of teams has even been over to the U.K 4 times, which was where they performed a rap in front of King Edward at Buckingham Palace. Some people might ask what is a group of ex-gangsters doing in a royal and high up place such as Buckingham Palace? They were there just to spread the name and goodwill of cricket and to let the world know that yes there is a team from one of the most un-likeliest locations in the world.

Now they're set for the big time- to tour Australia. Here they will use their high exposure to help raise money and publicity for other Australian groups attempting to deal with similar issues in their own community as well as a series of competitive club sides. These include opening Australia's premier Indigenous cricket competition, The Imparja Cup, in Alice Springs, and the Big Issue Street Socceroos. I bet there will be alot of curious Aussies coming along to watch these games, I wish they could also come to New Zealand.

There is even talks of a movie been made about the team with Walt Disney productions and Australian billboard and cricket game companies are also pitching in to help with the cause. However major funding sources is needed to help make this tour a success. Hugh Snelgrove, their publicity and sponsorship manager, explained: "We need a major corporate backer for airfares, accommodation, transport etc. Product donations would also be good. The matches will help raise funds for RecLink Australia, the Mavis Abberton foundation and the Big Issue Street Socceroos as well as, most importantly for themselves as well. If you think you can provide this worthy team of cricket enthusiasts some much needed assistance please email them by clicking HERE .

Here is a video clip of the team --->

Ted HayesTed Hayes

Gangster Cricket- Homies and Popz


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