Monday, February 11, 2008

One Month Anniversary!

One Month Anniversary Special:

Hey everyone!

Just thought I’d write an article to celebrate the one month anniversary of my blog-site. I hope everyone who has come to have a look has enjoyed the content they have seen? I haven’t seen any comments yet so I assume my blog-site is rated good amongst the readers. Thank-you to all the visitors that have come to see my blog-site . If anyone has any cricket related content they want to see on my blog-site please inform me by leaving comments so I know what everyone out there wants to see. I originally only wanted to do just the 1st article but I have got serious about it and I spend alot of time researching appropriate material for each article, and at the end of each article I acknowledge my sources so I can show some sort of professionalism.

As most of you have figured out I am very passionate about the game of cricket. It has been a huge part of my life and cricket is so much more than the game itself, it’s about a gathering of like-minded people who are passionate about the game on a lush green ground to play this game we love, and make lasting friendships through the game and to learn from one another. I am very interested in cricket from all over the world, and if some people haven’t noticed I have put a focus on some of the lesser known cricketing nations, as there are indeed other cricketing nations besides the countries that currently full members of the ICC (which include New Zealand, Australia, England, Pakistan, India, West Indies, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka). One of my sources, contains a full list of all the current cricket playing countries that play the game, which are in excess of 100. It is very interesting and great to see so much countries that play cricket, we should embrace each one of them and assist the minnows in the game to further their development and progression of the game.

It’s not just players from the top sides in world cricket that provide the highlights (e.g: the powerful hitting of Adam Gilchrist, the magical spin bowling of Muttiah Muralithiran or the legendary status of players like Brian Lara and Shane Warne). If anyone has watched the past two World Cups there have been some exceptional performances by some players from the minnow nations. The hard-hitting John Davison(Canada), that memorable gravity-defying catch in the slips against India by the larger-than-life Dwayne Leverock of Bermuda, and the immense passion, effort and dedication of that giant-killing Ireland side who made the quarterfinals! I’m sure that any cricketing side with the passion and dedication that the Irish showed, despite odds being stacked heavily against them, the sky’s the limit for them. I’m sure there will be alot of people out there like myself that will be keeping an eye on these up and coming cricketing nations.

Stay tuned for more articles and posts and please leave some comments and keep spreading the word about my blog-site :).