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In the International Spotlight...Bermuda Cricket


The Bermudian cricket team is the team representing Bermuda in the sport of cricket, governed by the Bermuda Cricket Board. The Bermuda Cricket Board was elected to Associate Membership of the International Cricket Council, the global ruling body for the sport, in 1966. Having performed in all 8 ICC World Cup Qualifiers (formerly the ICC Trophy), the one-day competition for associate and affiliate members of the ICC, their most notable achievements have been finishing runners up in the 1982 competition and, more recently, finishing fourth in the 2005 tournament - granting them qualification to their first World Cup in the 2007 tournament. They failed to proceed past the Group Stage, following 3 heavy defeats - including the largest defeat ever recorded in a World Cup match at the hands of India. The highlight of the Bermudian season is the annual Cup Match, played between two of the island's leading clubs of Somerset and St. George's, which was first played in 1902. The game is played in a carnival atmosphere over two public holidays.

The first recorded cricket match to take place in Bermuda occurred on 30 August 1844. The Bermuda Cricket Club was formed one year later and had support from locals as well as British troops. Some international games were played against American sides, principally from Philadelphia in the late 19th century, but the cricketing strength of the island diminished greatly after the First World War. Indeed, the only significant tour in the inter-War years was a five-match tour by a team led by Sir Julien Cahn in 1933.

Post Second World War:
After the Second World War cricket regained popularity in Bermuda, and many tours arrived, including some Test sides on the way to the West Indies. The first Bermudian tour of England took place in 1960 and more tours followed. Bermuda also is the place where the first non-Yorkshireman played for Yorkshire County Cricket Club. Yorkshire traditionally had a rule that no-one born outside the county could play for them, a rule abandoned in the 1990s. However, the rule was bent to allow Garry Sobers to play some games for them under the captaincy of Brian Close during a festival match in Bermuda.

In 1966 Bermuda was elected to Associate Membership of the International Cricket Council. A match against New Zealand in 1972 was given first-class status. Since then they have competed in a wide range of international competitions including the ICC Trophy, a competition which was proposed by Alma Hunt, the Bermudian delegate to the ICC.


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