Saturday, April 19, 2008

Brendon McCullums Record Brutal Bludgeoning

Wow! What a magnificent innings by Brendon McCullum of the Kolkata Knightriders! He certainly put on a magnificent show full of fireworks, I'm sure the crowd had great viewing pleasure, who wouldn't? Well not the Bangalore Royal Challengers anyway...

McCullum bludgeoned all the bowling deliveries from Kolkata to all parts of the park, eventually scoring a record 158 n.o from 73 balls- the highest score by a single batsman ever in an Twenty20, of which was a HUGE factor in his teams 140 run rout of Bangalore. When Ricky Ponting didnt even get a start the Kiwi decided to lift his game to an extraordinary level, its a remarkable innings given that it wasn't in a ODI or Test where he would've had all the time in the world to plot his attack on the bowlers. For this game the Bangalore side didn't appear to be "Royal Challenges" at all.

I can't say much about the innings as when I heard it on the news I was speechless, I havn't seen such an explosive innings before (well I can remember Nathan Astles 222 against England in a test way back in 2002) especially by a New Zealander. It was great to watch and I can see that he will be the batsman that bowlers from the opposition would love to loathe, shall he continue on more punishing innings that would make the BlitzKrieg look like a bunch of toddlers playing in a playground. Lets hope he can give many encores of his brilliant performance!

And as I said before his innings made me speechless, and as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, I find that so true, do you? Well I wonder how many words a video would have...Here is a clip from Youtube of his record performance:

*Acknowledgements to owner of the video (Its awesome!)


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