Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Greatest One-Day International Game Ever!

Heres a video clip of what has been called the greatest One-Day International cricket fans have witnesses. It was the first ODI in history where the holy grail of 400 runs in an innings was surpassed (initially by Australia- vs South Africa), they scored a massive 434 runs but were in for a suprise when South Africa came to the party and knocked off those runs and ended up getting 439 for 9. The game also holds the record of the highest match aggregate in a ODI (873 runs). Of course there is much to be said about this awesome display of power hitting but it is better to watch the game than read about it:) --->>

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Sally said...

I remember that day very well. Around half way through the Aussie innings my husband went for a "nap" while my son and I continued to watch. When the innings came to an end, my hubby grabbed his golf clubs and went to the driving range to take out his frustrations on a few balls. My son and I are SA diehard fans and continued to watch. Well... When SA started closing the gap at a rapid rate we made an excited call to hubbies phone and he rushed home to catch the last hour of the SA innings. Two packets of cigarettes (my son doesn't smoke) and a bottle of brandy later we were jumping up and down like a couple of pigtailed school girls. I must admit that I found the last three balls unbearable to watch and went and stood in our back garden. The next minute I heard yelling and cheering coming from the houses on either side of ours and the one that backs onto our property as well as those eminating from my lounge (son and hubby) and I knew that we had done it! I rushed inside and caught the replay. When my hubby asked me what I wanted from Christmas (we do that in our home), I asked for the 438 DVD. I still watch the SA innings from time to time and I don't think that I will ever tire of it. What a priviledge to have been a part of such cricketing history.