Saturday, July 5, 2008

Free cricket website link exchange!

Hey everyone!

Just would like to let you all know if you have a cricket blogsite that you would want to do a free link exchange with me feel free to comment on this post with the details of your cricket site and subject to you adding my site link on yours I will add yours A.S.A.P, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Am approaching 5000 visitors now and looking at my stats I see people visiting my blogroll regularly, so your site will get visitors via mine :)

Many thanks to everyone that is already on my blogroll and that have added my site on theirs, I greatly appreciate it! If your site isn't on the blogroll, nows good....

1 comment:

Neno Cricket said...


I am Hitesh as you know.

Actually i have deleted most of my site or my most of blogs are inactive, so please remove those blogs and sites.

The below is a list of inactive sites...

Some sites which are active are... =>> CricketGod =>> Cricket Directory =>> Forum Of CricketGod

Please do correctness as soon as possible