Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Upcoming Test/O.D.I/Twenty20 series England vs New Zealand

Well finally we have a harder challenge ahead of us, England. Even though I respect the Bangladeshis as a team that is trying their best on the world cricketing stage they were hardly the warm-up we needed for the series against England. For example facing the bottom ranked cricketing nation (well countries that are eligible under the I.C.C to play test cricket) before facing perhaps one of the top cricketing nations makes our preperations just that bit harder. In the test rankings we are currently 7th and england is in the top 3/4, we have beaten them comprehensively in the test and one-day forms of cricket before (eg the 1999 series in England where we beat them by 9 wickets and won 2 tests on England soil for the 1st time, and in the 2002 season in new zealand where we bowled England out for less than 100 and beat them by something like 155 runs) but with the retirements of our leading players I ask the questions, are we up to the task,and can we pull off similar heroics as in 1999 and 2002? Theres no doubt that New Zealand will want to win matches and play well, just hope they can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Its all very well that they have the desire of success in their heads its on the field in front of the opposition and the supporters that it seems to count the most. With respect to the Bangladeshis they definetly have the passion for the game, in time they will definetly improve all round, and after all it took New Zealand 26 years to win our 1st Test Match (it was against the West Indies in 1953) and the Bangladeshis took only 5 years (or thereabouts) so every team deserves respect no matter how lowly or highly they are in terms of rankings and abilities. It's the passion and the love of the game that really counts.

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